Monday, May 30, 2011

Shawnigan Race Results

Wow. What a weekend! According to Kellen, he was sure that he saw me at the race this weekend. Now, I've never been one to poop on a party, so I'll oblige his physical stress induced delirium (cause by his huge effort on the tri course, of course!) and I'll recap what I experienced this weekend on the journey to, during, and from the race at Shawnigan Lake on Vancouver Island.

The hype leading up to this race was unreal. There were the typical discussions of how to place 18.5 bikes on 3/4 of the windshield of Dylan's Porche, where on earth Max should get his nails done, the multiple car shuffles, and all of the race participants asking Jesse for a ride at the last minute. Eventually everyone, except Max due to his bikini waxing appointment, boarded the ferry to head over to Vancouver Island.
Once safely across the raging seas of the Straight of Georgia, the team arrived at their luxurious lodgings, graciously arranged by the ever exuberant Kellen Kjera. The cabins, however, were not up to some people's standards. Carl was sighted wearing a toque all weekend because he had slight chill due to his inability to cope with the harsh Canadian winters. Yes, Carl, 5C is pretty darn cold you poor lad.
Don't worry Carl, Brendan has been quoted as saying that the cabins were "F***ING FREEZING", so you're not the only chilly lad in this group.

Since certain people (coughcarlcough) were complaining so much about the cold, Stephanie Flynn decided to that it was a good idea to be born on May 28, just so that the other people would have something to look forward to on their evening at Camp "Once You Pop The Fun Don't Stop". She even baked herself a birthday cake and convinced everyone in the cafeteria to sing her happy birthday just to keep their minds off the cold. Here's a picture of her pretending to be surprised at her birthday celebration, even though she planned the whole thing herself.
Alright, enough of this pre-race business. While birthdays and whiney boys are fun and all, as triathletes the main thing that we get a thrill out of is poking fun at Winston. So, down to the important stuff. As I saw on my 13.62 laps of the bike course, there was a dead cat lying in the middle of the road. Early on in the race, whilst I was waiting in the bushes so I could steal Kendra's garmin and slowly let the air out of her tires, I witnessed Winston come barreling down the road on his bike and maliciously slaughter said cat. In a later interview Winston said that the cat actually caused him to enjoy riding his Cervello for a brief second, so he had to put it out of its misery so that he could go back to his. An additional reason for Winston's misery lies in the misinformation he received from Derrick about the bike course. Even though Winston had raced this course before, Derrick managed to convince everyone, even seasoned vets, that the course was pan plat. I'm talking smooth as a thin layer of molten aluminum after it has been poured from a crucible into a casting furnace. Ya, that's right, I make aluminum. Anyway, Winston quickly found out that Derrick's memory is not what it used to be and there were in fact several hills on the course. Winston said "I knew I should have left my third garmin in transition to save some weight on the bike course, but then how would I have figured out the standard deviation between the logging frequency of different models of garmin gps watches?!?"

While Winston may not have been excited for the race, Naiely sure was!
But I think she was happier at the end of her Half.
One story that I need to mention is the events of our very own VP Athletics, Jen Moroz. Jen, although not competing in this weekend's event, decided that she needed to make a little heptathlon of her own. It went like this: Wake up at 4:30am, run 10km to volunteer on the race course, volunteer like a champion on the race course, get sun burnt, get forgotten on the course by the race organizers, run 10k back, don't complain about this at all. What a champion.

Ok, I guess you'd actually like to hear about the race, eh? Well, tough. You can't. There is no documentation about the race. Except, of course, for the 31 pieces of data provided by the race timers. Well, in lieu of any real information about the race, here are a few pictures of race type things.

As can be seen from this last picture, our club decided it wanted to take up as much room as they possibly could on the grass after the event. Even though a certain someone went to extraordinary pains to arrange a team tent for them, and the race organizers even supplied a tent, they decided to completely ignore these efforts, abandon their tent and ruin the prime grass seating area for everyone else. How selfish of them!

Despite their selfishness, a few of our club members happened to do quite well in their races. And here's proof.

Well, actually, that last one isn't really proof of anything, except for the fact that Joerg tried to set his garmin to wake him up in time for the race, but he didn't remember that garmins don't have an alarm on them, so instead he slept in the sun for most of the day (which is probably why I couldn't find his race result...).

Now, if there is one clear conclusion from this weekend, it's that Winston really really did NOT want to go on the ferry ride home, and he especially did NOT want to gorge himself on the on board buffet. Nope, Winston would rather sit in the sun and put on his fancy socks.

And so would this beast for that matter.

It's really too bad that Winston didn't want to eat any of the buffet, because it seems like some people (coughnaielycough) had a pretty good meal, especially when it came to dessert.

Here are the results for our club members that I found. Please forgive me if your name isn't on here, send me an email at and I'll add it in.

Half Ironman

Overall Age Cat Overall Swim Bike Run
Rank Rank Name Time Time Time Time

2 2 Elliot Holthan 4:05:12 27:20 2:14:20 1:22:25
7 1 Brendan Naef 4:32:27 31:13 2:27:30 1:32:18
12 3 Carl Reilly 4:45:15 37:28 2:37:04 1:28:57
21 1 Dylan S. 4:59:01 37:39 2:33:30 1:44:58
27 4 Winston Guo 5:07:27 38:36 2:41:15 1:41:53
40 1 Victoria Gilbert 5:28:50 35:59 2:57:06 1:51:03
50 2 Naiely Cabrera 5:38:28 34:20 3:07:53 1:49:54


Overall Age Cat Overall Swim Bike Run
Rank Rank Name Time Time Time Time

10 5 Kellen Kjera 2:33:11 29:37 1:15:04 42:34
26 5 Derrick Lee 2:42:21 29:59 1:15:30 53:00
30 7 Johnson Jia 2:44:04 28:48 1:15:54 54:39
41 4 Kendra Swain 2:48:28 24:17 1:28:39 50:33
53 7 Stephanie Flynn 2:54:18 24:55 1:28:04 53:59
55 10 Tristan Jenkin 2:55:35 22:33 1:44:58 43:56
59 12 Reza H. 2:57:17 37:29 1:20:39 47:48
66 13 Jesse Chao 3:00:08 32:05 1:28:11 52:58
114 19 David Chiu 36:29


Overall Age Cat Overall Swim Bike Run
Rank Rank Name Time Time Time Time

6 2 Kaley Strachan 1:17:36 8:58 42:35 22:17
21 3 Seanna Martin 1:20:02 8:55 43:55 23:32


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