Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ironman Promotion Question

Hey guys, we are trying to figure out what type of promotion deal to do for ironman Canada this year. And as Triathletes you are obviously our target audience. All of you have either done or shown interest in triathlons before. So I just need you to answer 1 simple question.

Over the past 4 years the promotion at Ironman Canada has been if you buy 40 units of Powerbar product, you will receive a free Zip up Jacket.

Zip Up Jacket shown below (It is not visible in my photo but there are pockets as well).

One idea for the coming year would be to have IGIO duffel bags instead. The bag we are thinking about is shown below. Colour is still undecided but it will definitely incorporate black, red and yellow (Powerbar Colors)

My Question for you my fantastic friends is;

Which item would you prefer to get in the promotion given the choice?

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Scott said...

What about a Duffel bag with a jacket inside? Genius; I think so!

Claire Askew said...

I like the duffel bag because the powerbar logo is so big on the zip up.

Winstonian said...

I guess 40 units of Power Bars would go well with the duffel bag. ;) Yellow would be my choice.

Andrew Wight said...

I like Scott's idea

Kory said...

My powerbar wrapper saved my day today. Vancouver's metal recycling program (I assume they intentionally throw it all on the roadside) left a 1cm cut in my rear tire. 100km later my wrapper tire-boot still holding strong! Hoorah Powerbar!