Sunday, November 29, 2009

Event #10 Run Relay

With such a tight battle for the overall, making the teams was a VERY stressful task. We wouldn't want someone getting an unfair advantage in the relay resulting in some type of physical harm being done towards Vincent Lavallee for making the teams, potentially damaging his generally good looks.

As a result, high school level math was required to compute the most balanced teams possible. With that done, everything was ready to go!

But wait... As the teams were being organized a surprise guest made an appearance as latecomer Kory Seder required a spot on a team. Fortunately for Kory, the teams had a minor inbalance prior to his arrival, and the acceptance of his entry into the race made the numbers work out significantly better.

This move did not come without consequence though. Kory's arrival made him the 19th participant. Damn prime number. Vincent took the bullet for this one and challenged the teams to a race. He would run the entire relay solo (3X900m followed by 3X500m).

On a dark and rainy night, the 6 teams of 3 lined up and prepared for competition.

As the gun went off Andrew Wight was quick to take the lead, running the first 900 meters in sub 2:50. YIKES! Followed closely by Kory and Liam Harrap. With the handoff the second round of runners took off.

Our unaccompanied hero Vincent pulled through in 4th, hoping to hold on. With the second wave of runners starting, Vincent regained his stride and managed to claw his way back to the top. Reaching the completion of the second lap close behind 1st place in second. As he started heckling Derrick Lee, he realized his legs were no longer nearly as fresh as someone's who has yet to run as Derrick started to slowly pull away. This crushing blow was only magnified as Vincent heard the quick pace of footsteps behind as some of the big guns, Matt Reeve, Winston Guo and Nathaniel Janzen blow by.

Intense handoff

Matt Reeve was seen running through the entire field from 7th into 1st over 1 lap running it in under 2:45. Vincent Lavallee Running in 3:20 laps was definitely feeling the pain in his legs.

As the set of 500m laps began, Vincent thought his chances may improve as his competition may have blown up on their first laps. But as it turns out, they were refreshed after a few minutes rest and ready to sprint. Vincent found himself in a world of trouble as he raced Kim Seder through the middle lap of the 500m. Despite Vince's best efforts, Kim managed to hold him off through the lap for her handoff to Victoria who took it home.

The 500m proved to be the downfall of our underdog hero. 500 meters is simply too fast for the waning Lavallee. Claire made short work of Vincent as she blew by him on her run of 500m.

Vincent being criticized for heels striking

In the end, our President Vincent Lavallee was not able to bring home the victory. His competition was simply too strong for him. This however, he will take as an accomplishment. Being run coach this must simply be a reflection of his coaching skills.

Andrew Wight, showing the effort

In the end the winning team of Rachel Schoeler, Lara Russel and Matt Reeve completed the 4.2km Course in a record setting 14:46, averaging 3:30.9 minutes/km. Pretty fast! Second place team, finished just 10 seconds back, meaning they ran each lap less than 2 seconds slower. Pretty fast group!

Team 1: 14:46
Rachel Schoeler
Lara Russel
Matt Reeve

Team 2: 14:56
Annie Mauer
Andrew Wight
Derrick Lee

Team 3: 15:01
Kelsey Foote
Greta Raymant
Nathaniel Janzen

Team 4 15:06
Celeste Pakstas
Winston Guo
Jesse Chao

Team 5: 15:18
Lauren Sagadore
Kory Seder

Solo: 15:31
Vincent Lavallee

Team 6: 15:38
Victoria Gilbert
Kim Seder
Liam Harrap

Special acknowledgment must be given to Scott Chris who although did not race, took times and photos for the group.


awight said...

How come every time there is a solo shot of me, I'm always looking either almost dead, or gasping for air?


you've just got to get in more photos.

Or write the blog post, then you get to decide which photos go in!

Captain Haddock said...

"Claire Haddock made short work of Vincent as she blew by him on her run of 500m" that is my favorite sentence in this post.

Kory said...

Andrew, you need to wait for someone with a camera to keep up with you!

Vince, great narration from the midst of the race. I've seen old-school tri coverage of cyclist riding in the middle of the race - your descriptive verbage is far superior.