Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Brick Workout Event #8

Oh my I'm behind on updating the blog. Nearly 10 days out of the Brick/Swim set and I'm just getting to it now. Shameful!

There have been many speculations as to why I haven't updated in so long. The leading hypothesis can be heard in this re-enactment of a discussion overhead in the triathlon club office earlier this week.

Make sure your sound is on.

The accuracy of this video is incredible. The space aged office, Nathaniel and Matt wearing spandex, Vince being... Well you know.

No doubt in my mind that this happened.

However, it saddens me to admit this is not why the blog was so delayed. In all truth, its because I've been so busy with lab work. Mixed in with a visit from my mom and I'm just getting around to it now.

But rest assured, I remember all the important parts.

As one of our smaller events, the brick workout only had 14 people show up for the legendary ride on that cold wet morning. The conditions dampened the hopes (hahahaha) of those who had counted on drafting the entire bike course, however, this courageous bunch wasn't going to be deterred by the weather.

Nathaniel Janzen ready to take on the rain
An oversight, due to the weather, the official timer (and security guard for bikes) did not show up. This left the club with somewhat of a conundrum. Fortunately the graceful leader opted out of participating in order to watch over the bikes. Who knew that along with being a generally good looking guy, he was also so giving.

Due to weather conditions, the duathlon turned into a brick workout as the team opted out of doing the first running leg.

Quickly on the bike, a small trio of Barry Claman, Derrick Lee and Kory Seder took off the front. They worked hard and managed to open a gap on the rest. At the turn around Kory missed the turn only to venture another 700m down the road (Correction, Barry turned too early and everyone else followed. Kory is the only one who did the correct course). At this point Barry was able to distance himself from Derrick and came in to transition with a solid cushion of time.

Following this leading trio was the main pack of men, with Nathaniel, Winston and Scott all following not too far behind.

In the girls race, it was a little more of individual efforts as Kim Seder biked away from the group finishing the bike course with a demanding lead heading into the run. A little ways back the main pack arrived led by Victoria Gilbert with Lauren Spazadore and Celeste Pakstas just behind.

Kim Seder Leading the women's race

Female Peloton coming in to transition

Barry rounded out the finish in an impressive 21:31 with Kory having an adjusted time (due to the detour) 30 seconds back.

Barry Claman Coming in to finish

Nathaniel with a strong run, was able to break away from the pack and rounded out the podium in third.

In the girls race, Kim led from the gun finishing the run nearly a minute ahead of second place, where Victoria was able to break open the pack and lead Celeste to the line by just over a minute.

Woman's chase pack

Winston looking freakishly happy despite the weather

Derrick's finish

In a controversial turn of events, 4 members of the UBCTC partook in the brick the following Wednesday with the aid of Spazadore timing. The weather forecast was terrible, rain and cold, and therefore it was agreed that these conditions were fair to be similar. However, as lucky twist of events, Wednesday turned out to be a beautiful day. A little windy but otherwise amazing conditions. Since this was clearly no longer a fair battle, a new scoring system was put in place. Individuals racing an event after the original event has taken place, DO NOT GET PARTICIPATION POINTS. With that, we felt the advantage was neutralized, because although conditions were better. This would result in a net 13 point loss at the end of the series.

Quartet of make up session

That being said, a different tactic was employed by the men on this fateful Wednesday. Matt Reeve, Vincent Lavallee and Andrew Wight decided to work as a team rather than trying to break one another on the bike. Doing so result in the fastest bike split of the week by over a minute. As the hit the run, Matt pulled away and won in a new course record of 20:34 with Vincent 7 seconds behind.

Claire also took part in the make up session of the brick workout. However due to some navigational issues her time had to be doctored, her time works out to 26:16 but please don't ask me how I came up with that. There is a lot of hand waiving involved.

Full Results

Matt Reeve20:34
Vincent Lavallee20:41
Barry Claman21:31
Kory Seder22:03
Nathaniel Janzen22:27
Derrick Lee22:53
Winston Guo23:12
Scott Chris23:22
Andrew Wight23:37
Kim Seder24:47
Victoria Gilbert25:20
Ceilidh Curis25:38
Jesse Chao26:08
Celeste Pakstas26:44
Lauren Spazadore27:02
Kelsey Foote29:50



Winstonian said...

hahah yes, the space-aged office. good stuff.

Kory said...

Editors note: Kory went the correct distance, everyone else cut the course short.

Not that I disagree with the results, I just don't like sounding like an idiot. (Unless I actually am acting like one - which happens less and less lately)