Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fall Classic Race Series BEGINS! - Aquathon Tomorrow!

Bring your friends, bring your runners, pack your swim caps, you can even bring your mom, and get ready to RACE!

As a recap - last springs winners were Nathaniel Janzen and Jen Bhatla...
This year the heat is on.
Will Jen reclaim the crown? 
Will there be a brother sister throw-down between Chris Bhatla and Jen Bhatla?
I heard them smack-talking each other in the swim lane the other day and I would not want to be caught in the middle of that epic feud.

 Here's a quick recap from the race series event so far - the uphill run and bike!

For the Men of the Tri club: Eddy took the lead on the uphill bike, and Mike took the lead on the uphill run last week.
Sebastian and Tom tied the uphill bike, but I've also heard word that they may have just been riding a 2-man bike
There was also a tight race betwen Seth and Ryan on the uphill run.
Ryan dominated by one second - stealing the lead like a hamburgler. However, Seth claims to have been working on his training on summer and is ready to throw down on the aquathon on Sunday. Ryan also feels ready to bring DA HEAT. What's got Ryan's confidence up you might ask? He's been eating loads of granola bars and other goods which he's gotten recipes for from the nutrition blog. Little does he know, Seth edited ALL the nutriton blog posts to double the sugar quantities in all recipes as part of a secret plot to weigh (pun!) Ryan down in the races.

For the Women of the Tri club: Lindsay took first place in the uphill bike, but Tiffany took the first place for the uphill run. Looks these two will be fighting an uphill battle between each other. And it looks like my commentary just got cornier than ever. 
Other competitors to look out for?
I've heard newcomer Monica is looking for a new trophy for her mantle...but so is Jen Moroz..AND Tiffany.

Watch out for a feud between Tiffany Bilodeau and Jen Moroz. These two may seem like the nicest people you've ever met but they both want that Vince Lavallee cup (he's a legend you know). Will Tiffany's flexible ballet ankles for flipper feet in the pool be enough to match Jen's speed on the run?
WHO KNOWS!?... But stay tuned to find out after Saturday's Aquathon race.. Be thurr or be square!

Or... Will this be the year of Winstorm taking the cup home?

There's been talk of an epic matchup going down this term between Dylan Stephanian and Chris Bhatla... 
I put together a research team to run some stats on these two for you all.

Chris Bhatla:
-good at chemistry labs
-did "kids of steel" triathlon training
-only eats a strict diet of cliff bars and vegetables

Dylan Stephanian
-has been around the club way longer than Chris
-once killed a bear with nothing but a bike seat
-only eats a strict diet of Chris Bhatla's
-has been getting secret tips from Brendan
-goes to stretchy time more often than Chris

Bear in mind (pun intended), this epic duo will face-off in the gear of warriors. Well, not like armour like gladiators - but they will be decked out in spandex, gels, and quick tie laces

Getting back to the big picture. Who will take home the Fall Race Series Vince Lavallee (He must be a legend) cup this term?

I guess we'll just have to wait and see! ;)
See you at the Aquathon tomorrow!

There isn't anything like running around campus in a speedo in the fall!


Lance Armstrong said...

So exciting, can an old hack like me join in?

Seth Bluman said...

Yeah totally, just don't forget to leave your drugs outside the pool! ;)

H Sedin said...

Finally, some real sport action in Vancouver