Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Why join the UBC Triathlon Club?

1) To gain lots of awesome new friends and training buds!
2) To get in ridiculously good shape! (and look good in spandex)
3) To partake in awesome group bikes, swims, and/or runs!
4) Storm the Wall domination!

So, what are you waiting for?

It costs significantly less than a gym pass to join our club, and we are well sponsored which helps fund club expenses.

“The best part is the people who are fun, welcoming, and extremely friendly!”
-Seth Bluman, Club Member

Something to keep in mind: All workouts are optional.
We understand that school and work don’t always create an optimal time frame, so come as often or as little as you’d like. As well don’t worry if you aren’t experienced!! A lot of us started in the tri club with no background experience in the sport whatsoever. How hard you choose to push yourself to become a better triathlete (or athlete in general) is up to you. Beginners and experts train side by side in this club so there is always someone to learn from!

Still not sure if you should join?
Other awesome shtuff about our club:

Running (Mon+Wed @5:30)
-If you’re new to the campus or want to discover the area nearby better, our biweekly group runs can show you all the best spots to go for runs near campus!
*Typically we do a long run on Mondays and intervals on Wednesdays

Biking (Sat @9am)
-Coached group bike rides - we'll make you a pro in no time! No special road bike needed for first timers - but make sure you have fenders.
-We'll show you the best spots around UBC to cycle
-You’ll have Coach Eddy teach you everything you need to know to be the best cyclist possible!
-Bike trainers (that is, a device that attaches to your bike for indoor group cycling, will be provided by the club for indoor training this year. More info on this is TBA. *Bike trainers are new for fall 2013!!

Swimming (Tues 7-8pm & Thurs 8-9pm)
-We do group swims in the UBC outdoor pool with coach Tia! She has a lot of experience coaching a range of skill levels and will make you become a better swimmer. Don't worry if your a terrible swimmer! Tia is incredible for coaching beginners and experts! So regardless of your previous swim experience come try out our swims!

Yoga/Pilates (aka Stretchy Time) (Friday @6pm)
-Limber up with your best friends from the tri club! If you've never done yoga before this is a great place to start. And if you have done yoga before this is also a great place to continue on with it. P.s. Our instructor Tiffany is the best UBC has to offer!

Other fun facts about us:
*During workouts, you can store your stuff in our extremely accessible club office located beside the UBC SUB (just ask a club exec member about where to leave your stuff for a workout)

*We are the best looking club on campus!

·      We are sponsored by Cliff - which means we have plenty of tasty post-workout snacks available to you
·      We are sponsored by West Point Multi Sport - which means you can get plenty of discounted Tri gear just down the road from UBC campus!
·      We also provide personalized speaker series on topics such a race nutrition, physiotherapy (brought to us by our sponsor Dunbar Physio), biomechanics and technical sessions specifically tailored to local triathlons

*Simon Whitfiield will hopefully be stopping by for a workout later this fall. He is a renowned team Canada triathlete and Olympic gold medalist. Fun fact: he has trained in the past with the UBC Tri club!

Our first run of the year will be September 4th at 5:30pm at the club office. Please come 15-30 minutes early so you can sign a waiver (or sign it at Imagine Day), and pay your membership fees. September 10th is a Tuesday, which is when swim practices start.

Take the jump and challenge yourself by joining the UBC Triathlon Club!
And hey, it's an awesome way to make some great new friends on campus.
We're excited that you're interested in joining and look forward to an awesome semester with you!

*Club Fees
Student                                  $50
Community Member          $75


Once a week                         $80
Twice a week                        $110

UBC Tri Club Execs


Anonymous said...

OMG, This club sounds totally awesome. I'm totally joining!

Allyson Haarstad said...

This sounds great, I'm looking to join a Tri-club after completing my first triathlon o Monday :) Looking forward to coming next week! Question - how long are your runs on Mondays and Wednesdays? I'm just wondering so I can plan my schedule since I have class at 630.

Seth Bluman said...

Hi Allyson,
Our runs are generally about 40-60minutes depending on the workout. I would say it would be tough to make a class at 6:30pm but I'm not sure what other club members would say. If it doesn't work with you're schedule this term for the runs for mondays or wednesdays I should mention that you can always join at any point of the year (aka during the spring term) if it works for your schedule better then. We also might be having unofficial runs on Friday nights - 5:30ish again (as this usually tends to happen- but more info will be known about this soon).
I hope that helps!