Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Girls Still Faster in Aquatic Environments

The stars of the 500m swim time trial were again the ladies, taking two of the top three spots. Jen posted the fastest time of the club (7:08) while Steph also appeared on the podium, taking third place with a 7:28. Matt came in between them, no doubt drafting off of Jen until his little arms got too tired and he dropped back- coming in at 7:19.

As a whole, swim times have improved for the club with 6 of 11 competitors swimming faster this past weekend than in November. Perhaps they were inspired by the UBC men's and women's swim teams that both took first place in the Canadian Western University Conference, also held this weekend, in Edmonton.

Many of the club members are on track to be in great swimming shape for the UBC triathlon next month, so long as that darn water heater would just keep running and no more swim sessions are cancelled. Brendan is rumored to have rented several propane heaters and is keeping them in a storage locker in War Memorial Gym just in case. Ben wouldn't mind so much- he has often been seen wearing his wet suit to club swims. With a body fat percentage of -3, it is sometimes quite difficult to stay warm.

Kevin spent Sunday in Whistler, figuring he was fit enough to win the race series without any of these silly participation points. He later swam an impressive 7:30 for the 500m, putting him just behind Matt in the men's rankings.

Only as single event of the race series has passed, there are still plenty of opportunities to catch any early leaders. The aforementioned early leaders have no reason to get comfortable. I would also like to commend Seth, for taking the biggest chunk of time off of his previous 500m record, although in a brief interview he declined to say exactly how much time this was. He credits a bathing suit that was made of much less fabric, and those 15 push-ups that he did earlier this month. Seth will now be moving out of the lane on the far right of the images below.

Jenn B 7:08 (improvement over November time)
Matt R 7:19 (improvement over November time)
Steph 7:28
Kevin 7:30
Scott 7:35
Brendan 7:42
Karin 7:53
Tyler 8:05
Daniel 8:23 (improvement over November time)
Jen M 8:37 (improvement over November time)
Victoria 8:42 (improvement over November time)
Seth 13:43 (improvement over November time)

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