Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hillclimb Timetrial

The hardest people are born in two different conditions: In the headwinds or on the grades. Todays race determined if you there are any among us who even have a chance of being likened to the greats.

The short grunt up Marine Drive isn't as steep as the Koppenberg, or as long as Passo Della Stelvio, but what it lacks in impress features it makes up for in its demands for raw performance. It is easy to make it up, but you have to dig into the bottom of your legs in order to be the first up.

Cold weather immediately drew out the hardest. Preparing to race in six degrees is no easy feat, but most didn't have a qualm with it, and forced their way up the hill regardless of whether or not they could feel their toes.

If you could sprint by the top, you did, but if yo
u worked hard enough on the rest of the hill then you didn't have to.

Barry Claman flew up the hill posting an impress sub 4 minute time. The Diesel engine of Kory Seder also managed to get up in just 4:02 seconds. No one knows exactly how fast Matt Reeve went, all we know is that it that it was very fast. Victoria posted an impress climb as well, working the steep section!

No photos were taken, since no one could feel t
heir fingers enough to focus a camera, so here's a pi
cture of the Koppenberg instead. I'm on the right.

For those who couldn't make it out, we expect to see you out training for the spring races when the competition heats up again.

Here are the official results from Vince, missing some names and probably needing some revision.

b Kory Seder 4:02
b Carl 4:19
b Kellen Kjera 4:23
b Sherwood 4:25
b Max 4:26
b John Heinz 4:32
b Vincent Lavallee 4:35
b Brendan Neaf 4:35
b Dylan 4:41
b Winston Guo 4:46
b Jesse Chao 4:53
b Tyler Filteau 5:00
b Eddy Wu 5:11
b Johnson Jia 5:15
b Navid 5:17
b Jason 5:23
b Dirk Haupt 6:00
b Reza 6:38
g Victoria Gilbert 5:07
g Jen Bhatla 5:34
g Karin Olafson 5:45
g Rachel Schoeler 5:51
g Kyuwon Kim 6:01
g Sherry Gu 6:17

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