Sunday, October 24, 2010

Revenge of the Brick

The Droid forces of the evil Separatists gather above the Wookie planet Kashyyyk. The Jedi Knights have been dispatched to stop the invasion and re-build peace in the galaxy

Oops, sorry…. Wrong blog.

Here we go . . . with the weather gods holding the rain at bay 23 eager UBC Triathletes braved the nippy temperature for what turned out to be quite the morning. It started at the club office where much to Kellen’s dismay numerous bike tires were grossly under inflated. He quickly got to work and set matters right patiently explaining to each underinflated tire and owner why tire pressure mattered so much.

Shortly after everyone rolled out and followed the current UBC TC Fall Classic Race Leader Matt Reeve to the transition area. It should be noted that after many comments from the peanut gallery over the last couple weeks concerning his lack of cape wearing he’d finally found the nerve to wear his flashy gold and blue cape that morning.

At the transition everyone positioned their shoes in what was hoped to be a strategic order and fortunately there was no one out shoe shopping that morning because lets face it, if anyone had wanted a new pair of runners I’m sure they could have found a size, colour, and style to their liking amongst the 23 pairs spread out on display. Numerous members questioned the safety of leaving their precious bikes unguarded while they pounded the pavement around the stadium. Their fears were put to rest however as Derick volunteered to be the official time keeper and bike guard extraordinaire (he seems to be doing a better job taking care of other peoples bikes then his own lately).

Next up was a warm up lap of the run and bike course to make sure all members were familiar with the twists and turns the Brick was about to throw at them. Well lets face it, the only real twists and turns are deciding if you want to risk beating that car to make the turn at Kullahun Drive in order to save yourself a few precious seconds. Or in Winston’s case whether or not to “storm thru” the red light and save himself a few more seconds were it not for the cop car waiting on the opposite side of the intersection (perhaps having been tipped off to watch out for just such stormy indiscretions).

Finally at 10am with not so fresh legs due to the killer Wreck Beach stair workout on Wednesday everyone was lined up and ready to go. After some discussion about where Jesse would start he decided to line up behind Victoria in an effort to not let a repeat of the Victoria Half Marathon cloud his day (see the results to find out if his choice paid off). Much to everyone’s dismay their race leader had ditched his gold and blue cape and would no longer be wearing it during the race. Despite the fact he was earlier quoted as saying “seeing as Kory hasn’t shown up, this ones in the bag” it now seemed as though he was worried his cape wouldn’t hold up to the aerodynamics of Vince’s disk wheel. Melanie on the other hand wasn’t so concerned about aerodynamics and was considering racing in some oversized gloves and a jacket that looked more like a parachute.

With everyone starting 15 seconds apart to help enforce the new rule of no drafting not much can be said for the race itself other than there were numerous calves screaming for the pain to stop. Some racers, whether by choice or default, raced with runners and flat pedals which surely aided them in having a speedy transition. Karin, the proud owner of a new road bike, was out for her first tri club ride of the year and Laura was seen crossing the finish line with her usual enthusiasm.

It should also be noted that a certain someone whose name is Tyler has made it his goal to set a new course record for the Brick next time around. Will our current leader be up to the challenge, has his new facebook fan club group gone to his head, or will he need to call upon the Jedi Knights for assistance? Better still, will Kory be able to smash the current course record (20:08) next weekend when he try’s his luck at the Brick. Time will tell.

In the meantime for your stats calculations, sizing up of rivals, comparing of times from last year, agonizing over how many people you can beat when you make up the Brick next weekend, and general all round viewing pleasure below you can find the results of the UBC TC Fall Classic Race Series Brick.

Matt Reeve 20:08
Vincent Lavallee 20:46
Tyler Filteau 21:39
Winston Guo 22:10
Dylan 22:23
Kellen Kjera 22:26
Victoria Gilbert 22:47
Jesse Chao 22:49
Drew Senay 22:59
Thomas Belshein 23:04
Melanie van Soeren 23:58
Reza 23:59
Johnson Jia 24:07
Dirk Haupt 24:27
Rachel Schoeler 24:42
Jen Moroz 24:52
Kywon Kim 25:52
Karin Olafson 26:00
Jen Bhatla 26:22
Stephanie 27:19
Alex 31:07
Jasmin 31:30
Laura Freeman 32:30


Kory said...

I don't think I can top the master.

Kory said...

I will be racing this event tomorrow. Saturday October 30.

Kory said...

19:55 (12:55, 7:00)