Wednesday, May 19, 2010

UBC Triathlon 2010

In preparation for the much anticipated triple crown many members took a break from their work and studies to do a bit of light cross training in what has long been considered the inaugural triathlon race of the season. Despite the shifting of the race past the end of spring semester UBC triathlon club had a strong showing both among the participants as well as those who failed to register and came as supporters.

Leading off the club for the day Jesse Chao and Derrick Lee were reported to have dominated their sprint heat flying past many a swift swimmer on their bikes. A special congrats to Jesse for finishing his first of many triathlons in such fine form! Not much is know about Tigers race other than he also had a fantastic bike time, and required several yoga classes to recover the next day.
Jesse Chao looking classy post race

In the female division of the sprint Rachel Scholer, Karin Olafson and Amy Kirkham battled it out together in the pool going on to have very respectable races. Both Rachel and Amy managed to win their age categories with Amy's stunning (yet not unexpected) performance proving it's possible to 'chick' 99.12% of the field! Karen in a philanthropic move decided to leave her Cervelo at home for her first triathlon but still managed to put down a great great first race on her trusty mountain bike.Rachel, Karen & Amy respectively ready for the swim

Jared Penner selflessly gave up his Olympic spot to a friend so he was left to settle for a mere 5th overall and first in age category in the short course, how sweet was the taste of podium was below his tired feet.
Jared declaring peace on the finish line

As the day drew to a close the Olympic distance athletes took to the starting gate. The first of these mighty athletes into the water was none other than Mel Van Soeren, slayer of generally good looking men. Showing impressive stats right across the board Mel finishing quote was "I feel GREAT!" Sounds like a fantastic impression from her first Olympic.

All smiles if a little tired crossing the finish line

"Who needs tapper?" These words could only come from one man: the breeze that you feel on the nape of your neck, the wind that rattles your soul; Winstorm Guo! With a wealth of science to back him the smile never left his face as he ran his way home to a new PB improving across all events despite a 11okm ride up Seymour the day prior.
Winston's secret weapon: Never stop smiling

Finally racing under the category of 'Elite' dubbed onto them by UBC Rec Vincent Lavallee, Michael Duncan and Nathaniel Janzen tied a ribbon around the whole event with Hallmark performances all round. Despite brain damage, lack of training, a recently sprained ankle and a bag of excuses weighing him down Vince placed 12th overall. Nathaniel aka Flipper finished shortly behind with a 18th overall placement and a ridiculous 22min 1500m reaffirming his nickname once again. Michael having only recently discovered both the UBC triathlon club and triathlons in general learned the pain of the bike-run transition in a very real way. In spite of this he couldn't help grinning crossing the finish line his first triathlon left burning in his heart and lungs.
Left to right: Vince, Nathaniel and Michael stoked for the swim

And so the season begins! How will those fresh into the field fare? Will old lions continue to claw up the rankings or fall victim to the young cubs? Congratulations to all those that competed and thanks to those who came to watch/cheer/photograph.
A small part of the cheering squad

Winstorm Guo - 2:32:09
Mel Van Soeren - 2:44:39
Vince Lavallee - 2:17:44
Nathaniel Janzen - 2:23:31
Michael Duncan - 2:51:55

Rachel Schoeler - 1:21:44
Karen Olafson - 1:28:35
Amy Kirkham - 1:08:47
Derrick Lee - 1:16:05
Tiger Ye - 1:24:58
Jesse Chao - 1:22:13

Jared Penner - 55:21


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